8 Wedding Tasks That Bride And Groom Should Plan Together

Our Brides have always been into taking responsibilities of wedding planning and grooms have been sweet enough to accept to the brides decisions. But trust us, times have changed and both as a couple are involving vividly nowadays. Here are some hand-in-hand tips for you as bride and groom to plan your wedding together! Read on..

Color Combo

So,You're the hero and herione on your big day and don't you have to look all glitsy and glammed up for the wedding - Of course you will be ,but a little more attention on the color and attire if it will go well with each other's, could give you that wow-za look!

Know Your Invitees

You as a couple could sit for a couple of hours and make a note on your guest list and derive to a count, so that when you hit the invitation store for a giving the count and there could be no mishaps.

Addition Of Your Favorite Dish In The Menu...Slurppp..!!

So it's your wedding and both of your favorite dishes deserve to be on the menu, atleast one of each favorites! Food lovers aren't we - Hot Jilebi's and those rasagullas! A certain tip on the food menu could be to taste your caterer's food in the wedding happening prior to yours - could give you some confidence without questions.

Make Your Guest Feel Special

A certain introduction about each other's relatives, cousins and friends could ease of the feeling of knowing the new faces on stage! When the groom says to bride's friends " Yes, i have heard a lot about you " statements could add a sense of special-ness! Agree?

Your Wedding Wishlist

There should have certain elements in the wedding - say (bridal entry in a palanquin , welcome with that flowers on you ,mehendi style , the anklet you saved in Flipkart :P ) that as a individual you would have dreamt of - Probably the wedding planning might be the right time to spill out the beans. It may be funny, dramatic, silly but that could be what your heart desires! So a quick discussion with each other could give a gate to many splendid ideas! Speak, speak ?

Wedding Day Agenda

So both of you are sitting on the stage with no clue what events are gonna happen next?!? Nah ..nah that doesn't sound right. So knowing your agenda and discussing them over a couple of times could make you look comfortable and much happier, if an event misses by chance you can even point them out- even better! Smart new-age couple-moment!!

Know Your Assigned Person

Allocate a group of people for each tasks - say catering, seer plate arrangement, decor arrangement to find out from each group that things are going on smoothly. They could be last minute saviours!

Honeymoon Planning

A first vacation to spend with each other could be really special -Make a note of each other's favorite places, there could be one place which is cost-effective, full of fun and both of your favorites. You're definitely gonna choose that and have the best time of your life!

To All the To-Be-Wed Couples- Have A Happy Planning!

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