5 Ways to make your bridesmaid feel special!

Having your girl gang by your side on your big day whether its glam ,retro inspired or elegant could make you feel cosy and special in many ways. Your source of guaranteed fun, go-to people always be it for planning an event, could give you hand-in hand ideas from latest trends to what would look good on you - Indeed they are your bridesmaids! That's why its extra important to show that your bridesmaids are special in every way!

Here are some ways we thought about to make your bridesmaids feel appreciated and special..

1.A personalized note to them

A warm note inviting them for your bridal party and a thank you note written in your style for always being there for you during your thick and thin! You could also add a small gift with the note written to them -Token of remembrance , may be ?

2.Bridesmaid attire

Choose a color that will look stunning on all your maids ,be it a saree or a gown the color co-ordinate attire would look extra special on them and would make the heads turn around.

3.Listen to their ideas

Discuss your wedding plan and ask them if they could add anything to it, they could come up with some amazing ideas which you may be never thought about until now - An idea for life ;)

4.Introduce your bridesmaid to each other

Bridesmaids you choose could be your closest friend, dearest cousin or your groom's sister they might not have known each other well, so its time for you to take them out before the big day and make them comfortable with each other.

5.Bridal party with your girl gang

A small bachelorette party with your bridesmaids and dear ones before the big day could ease off your stress and end of the day definitely it could be absolute fun!

A thank you note ,finally!!

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Written by Photraits on Monday December 5, 2016
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